AirBrush_20180225081800Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. My name is Monika. I’m a European girl living in Canada. I gave my heart to a gorgeous Canadian boy and his cat, and now the three of us live in London…Ontario, that is.


Once upon a time, I fancied myself an Indiana Jones wanna-be and followed a path to a degree in archaeology. A paralyzing fear of snakes and giant spiders put a halt to my career but didn’t dim my love for all things history.  Now I indulge my eye for detail as an art and fashion connoisseur. I have a dangerous sweet tooth, which I try to satisfy as often as possible. And I have an insatiable passion for wanderlust. Having set foot on the soils of Austria, England, France, Greece, Italy, Poland and the United States, I look for any opportunity to explore the world around me. Through all these experiences I’ve come to realize that delicious and beautiful things can be found everywhere.

Cobblestones and Cappuccinos is mainly a photography blog where I share my discoveries and indulgences from a European point of view…Simple. Elegant. With a touch of Cheek. I don’t review things because I will only post about the things I love. So grab your favorite beverage (mine is a cappuccino, of course) and join me on my photo journey to experience and celebrate the little pleasures of life with a European twist.