9 Perfectly Chic Frozen Treats

Chocolate semi freddo

Photo courtesy of food52.com


I scream, you scream, we all scream for something cool and delicious! I haven’t given up on the hot summer weather just yet. So when I found this post on delicious frozen treats, I had to share it with all of you. Alice Medrich is a master of the chocolate truffle and a genius in cutting edge desserts.


Spread the Sunshine

Mango mousse cakeIn desperate search for sunshine during this deep freeze, I came across this gorgeous mango mousse cakelette. The colour made me think of sunsets in July and the flavour was deliciously exotic. It lasted a mere five minutes on my plate but it was well worth it!

What’s making you smile this weekend?

Nadege Patisserie, French Treats in the heart of Rosedale

Nadege - French patisseries in TorontoThank goodness that staying away from mouthwatering treats was not one of my intentions for 2015. It would have been an impossible feat as I crossed the threshold of Nadège Patisserie in Rosedale, Toronto’s chicest neighbourhood. Unlike it’s older sister on Queen Street West, and the first shop opened by fourth-generation confectioner Nadège Nourian, this location is presented like a jewel box boutique rather than a bakery and cafe.

Interior view of Nadege shop - Yonge St. Rosedale TorontoFront counter at Nadege Rosedale - Yonge St. TorontoWarm wood accents, exposed brick, and LED lighting serve to highlight the coziness of the space while providing a perfect backdrop to the colourful, mouthwatering treats. The shop feels high-end but not intimidating.

Interior view of Nadege on Yonge St. in Toronto Chocolate on shelves - Nadege Patisserie Yonge St. TorontoNadège, trained as a pastry chef in Lyon, France, oversees the preparation of the gorgeous baked goods, impressively delicate cakes, and multi-flavoured macarons which are delivered to the boutique daily from the Queen location. The Rosedale shop now serves as the epi-centre for their hand-made chocolate production. From artisanal truffles which pair unique flavours with complementary chocolate, to their famous “Chocolate Tablet”, a 26 letter exploration of unique ingredients and chocolate (J-Jasmine; M-Mint; P-Parmesan), the handmade sweets make for perfect gifts and treats. I’m slowly making my way through the alphabet!

Alphabet chocolate I to M  at Nadege - Yonge St. Rosedale TorontoAlphabet chocolate N to R - Nadege Patisserie Yonge St TorontoAlphabet chocolate T to X at Nadege - Rosedale Yonge St. TorontoBut the real reason I can’t avoid Nadège Patisserie during my Toronto visits are the confections perfectly lined up and displayed in the glass cases like precious jewels. Stepping up to the counter I’m transported to the gorgeous shops of Paris, where as much care is given to the taste of the treats as to their presentation.

Sweet cakes and treats from Nadege on Yonge St. in TorontoGlass display of sweet treats at Nadege Patisserie in TorontoFrench pastries in Toronto - Nadege Patisserie on Yonge St.Macarons at Nadege Rosedale in TorontoAll the attention to detail is not just for show. With the first bite, you’ll be on your way to a serious Nadège addiction! Although there are some staple products like flakey croissants and melt in your mouth Marie Antoinette cakes, many of the flavours change seasonally so there is always something new to try. For those who don’t have a chance to visit Toronto (or Paris!) on a regular basis, Nadège has an online boutique with delivery coast-to-coast. And trust me, you must give these fabulous french treats a try…they are worth every sinful bite!

A Birthday Surprise

Razzle Dazzle Cupckes London Ontario - Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ShuffleToday is my birthday!!!! I’m not shy about celebrating my special day and extending it into a birthday weekend. The opportunity to spend laugh-filled moments with my friends and family is a joy I look forward to all year. The ever increasing number on my “age-o-metre” never bothers me because I know that a number doesn’t reflect on my life. It only reflects on the time I’ve had to collect all the experiences which have shaped me into the person I am today!

All year I look forward to the yummy treats I allow myself to indulge in without guilt or regret. In fact, my biggest problem is coming up with where I’d like to go for my birthday dinner. To solve that issue, last year, the boy gave me “7 Days of Dinners” as a birthday gift. Every day, for a week, we had dinner at a different restaurant of my choice! By the end of the week I was stuffed and had all my cravings satisfied. It was amazing!

This year, my first birthday surprise was this beauty. The boy snuck off to my favourite London cupcake shop Razzle Dazzle Cupcakes and presented me with a delicious confection called the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Shuffle.  The chocolate cake was light and moist, while the pink cloud of raspberry frosting was whipped perfection decorated with tiny pearls. It was a sweet start to my birthday.