Weekend Edition

An assortment of colourful flowersSpring is here!!!! I’ve been waiting to say those three little words for what seems like EVER! And first day temperature didn’t disappoint either. As I walked outside at lunch time, I closed my eyes and turned my face to soak in the warm rays like a starved flower. Hope you’ve had a gorgeous day and now can sit back and enjoy these weekend links!

  • I came across the beautiful artwork of Jose Romussi through my web wanderings and completely fell in love with this series of art pieces that combine embroidery and photography. Absolutely stunning!
  • I’m not the only one revelling in the first signs of spring. Carin Olsson shares some dreamy glimpses of the season in Paris on her site.
  • Sometimes you come across the most amazing thing and you feel like sharing it with everybody because it is that insanely good! Well I’ve found the perfect savoury treat that’s become a weekend favourite at my house.

Weekend Edition

Valentine's Day cards in London OntarioI realize that Valentine’s Day has been derided in today’s society for it’s over-commercialization. Everyone grumbles about the expensive dinners, over-priced flowers, and red everything! And I don’t deny that big business has put it’s grubby hands all over this long-standing holiday. But being European, I thrive on tradition and romance. 

I’m thrilled to celebrate a day devoted to love. Whether you spend it with your significant other, your family or even your pets, love should be enjoyed in all its glorious forms. And although I realize that we should express our love for each other every day of the year, there is nothing wrong with having a day where you go that extra step for someone special. In that vein, here are a few special ways to share your feeling on Valentine’s Day and maybe stretch the lovefest all weekend long!

  • Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate should be the anthem of this day. So when I found this decadent creation from Louise at Cygnet Kitchen, I knew the boy and I would be doing some indulging this weekend!
  • The art of letter writing has become almost extinct in this day and age. That’s why the written word can still elicit more tears of joy than a sprakly anything. When I came across this list of 9 Most Memorable Love Letters, I realized that letters don’t have to take hours or become long missives…a few special words can go a long way.
  • Everyone says that the most romantic city in the world is Paris. And yes, it’s true. But I’ve found this list of 15 Most Romantic Getaways Around the World that give Paris a run for it’s money. I just may be adding these to my bucket list!

Wishing all of you a fantastic weekend of love and indulgence!

Weekend Edition

Snow covered trees - winter in Victoria Park, London OntarioThe last few days London has been hit by a lot of snow. Might be a little late for that white Christmas, but mother nature is certainly making up for her tardiness and laying a rather large blanket of the fluffy stuff over the entire region…and I know she’s not done anytime soon. I’ll have to start getting creative about some in-home entertainment since I’m not a fan of the cold.

While I’m figuring out my hibernation options, I’ll be enjoying these weekend links. Hope you do too!

  • I’m a huge fan of Reese Witherspoon and she has a new movie called Wild coming out. It’s based on a true story of a thousand mile journey along the Pacific Coast that one woman undertook to discover her true self. If you want more inspiration of self-discovery, check out these 8 women who’ve also set out on some amazing adventures.
  • Montreal is my European home in Canada and I’ve never gone a year without visiting at least once. But this time of year the temperature in Quebec is brutal and you couldn’t get me out there with five coats on. So instead I enjoy the beautiful instagram snaps from @livemontreal. It’s almost like being there…but warmer!
  • Although the holidays are now a distant memory and crazy New Year’s resolutions are haunting my dreams, I’m still not willing to give up on delicious treats. I’ll be indulging my taste buds with some yummy hot drink recipes and stunning photography from the gorgeous Linda Lomelino on her blog Call Me Cupcake.

Stay warm friends!

Weekend Edition

Tulips and daisies at a flower shop London, OntarioI feel some serious colour deprivation this time of year  and find myself sneaking into various flower shops around town. My budget has taken a bit of a hit since I tend to come away with at least one bouquet but this simple addition to my living space feels completely indulgent. I’ve discovered a few other things this week that have made me smile and of course I had to share them with you.

  • If you want gorgeous blossoms on your table but are a bit tight on budget, the lovely Aimee Twigger shares a great diy project for some crepe paper peonies.
  • The ultimate cool french girl Isabel Marant takes her 2015 Spring collection inspiration from America cowboys, Elvis Presley and Navajo tribe. Girls everywhere, me included, are sighing and waiting for the warmer weather with bated breath!
  • I found 33 of the yummiest cupcake recipes on the internet. They all look delicious and the hardest part is deciding which one to start with!

If you have some favourite links, I’d love to know what they are.

Weekend Edition

Snow capped roofs in London OntarioUgh…the weather outside is more than frightful (but at least I don’t live in Buffalo!) and it’s not even officially winter. I have to take the time to remind myself of the gorgeous and yummy things that I can indulge in when the world lies under a white blanket of snow. Maybe you’ll find something you’ll love as well. Enjoy!

  • With all that fluffy stuff coming down from the sky, all I can think about is a White Christmas. If a snow covered holiday is also on your wish list, Brooke Saward shares the best 10 cities for your dream Christmas.
  • Inevitably with snow comes the cold. There is probably nothing better than a steamy cup of hot chocolate after a day of outdoor fun. I’ve pinned an amazing infographic with 18 ways to spice up your cup to my Pinterest page. I may have to try all of them!
  • I can never have too many warm and cozy pieces in my winter wardrobe. This week’s EDIT magazine from online retailer Net-A-Porter has a list of the most beautiful seasonal pieces that I’m now officially drooling over.

Keep warm and happy reading!