Weekend Edition

Italian Inpired - Cafe break in Rome - Cobblestones & CappuccinosAm I wrong to already be dreaming about summer holidays? This weather is really giving me the blues and all I can think of is soaking up some sun in the Mediterranean. I keep going back to the photos from my holiday in Rome, anticipating the next time I will smell the aroma of freshly brewed espresso sipped on a cobblestone street in the warmth of the afternoon sun. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy my Italian inspired weekend links!

  • There is nothing more beautiful than a summer wedding, especially one in Italy. Marissa Cox shares her beautiful snaps from a friend’s wedding and makes you feel like one of the guests. Thank you for the privilege!
  • The beautiful Eva Green stars in the 2015 campaign calendar for Campari, the liquor at the heart of Italy’s most famous aperatif, the Negroni.
  • Who doesn’t want a quick and easy recipe, especially for the weekend. Silvia Colloca serves up the perfect frittata which can be served hot or cold . Buon apetito!


Weekend Edition

Pottery Barn Halloween Window DisplayTo the chagrin of my Christmas loving boy, this is my favourite time of year. Maybe it’s the dressing up, maybe the spooky spine-tingling atmosphere, or maybe it’s all those treats, but I’m absolutely mad for Halloween! Whether you’re heading out to celebrate with your ghoulfriends or staying in with the lights off and “Bride of Frankenstein” on the telly, here are my treats for you!

  • Nobody throws a Halloween party like Heidi Klum. I mean the girl goes ALL OUT! For true costume inspiration, check out this collection from the Queen of the Catwalk.
  • If you’ve ever wanted to tango with the real thing, here is a list of some faboolous haunted inns courtesy of BedandBreakfast.com.
  • Alida Ryder treats us to a recipe for the ultimate Poison Toffee Apples! Will you dare try it!

And if you want to see what treat I’ll be indulging it this Halloween check out my instagram page. Happy Haunting!


Weekend Edition

Black squirrel among fall leavesThe last few days have brought some unprecedented sunshine and warmth to this end of October. Autumn is here and I’m not letting a change in season stop me. Like this little guy, I’m planning on getting out and enjoying the new colours. If you don’t have a chance to get away, here are some suggestions for your weekend enjoyment.

  • Christine Kim shares her perspective on fall…in Paris! I wouldn’t mind wandering the alleyways of Jardin des Tuileries and kicking my feet up in to soak in the sunshine.
  • I share something in common with the gorgeous Mimi Thorisson, a keen interest in mushroom picking (you can check out my post here). But you don’t need a haul of wild mushrooms to try her mouthwatering recipe.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker‘s unique sense of style is no secret to fashion lovers all over the world but here are 73 things you never knew about her (including a sneak peak into her home)!

Weekend Edition

3 pumpkins decorI’m really looking forward to this weekend. Not only do I get extra time off work but the next few days will be filled with an abundance of the most delicious homemade food shared with family and friends. These are definitely things which I’m very thankful for! I also want to pass my thanks to all of you who read my blog and share my experiences. And in my gratitude, I’m sharing links to my favourite recipes. I hope you enjoy!

  •  I’m obsessed with Donna Hay and her recipes. I own quite a few of her cookbooks and have dipped into them often. Her turkey and stuffing recipe is mouthwatering from photo to finish.
  • The easiest recipes are usually the most delicious and Sam Linsell‘s perfect crispy roast potatoes fit the bill nicely. I pinned them to my Pinterest board and have used it so many times I could do it blind folded.
  • If you love pumpkin flavour but have grown tired of the typical pie brought out after Thanksgiving dinner, then I have the most sinfully decadent dessert for you. Alida Ryder shares her gran’s recipe for pumpkin fritters with a sticky caramel sauce. Try it, you’ll thank me!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Weekend Edition

Illy coffee cupsI’ve been really enjoying sharing my posts with all of you. What you’ve seen are definitely my favourite moments, restaurants, events, and websites. I hope you’ve enjoyed them as well.  Here are a few more things that are making their way onto “My Favourites” list.

  • I’m always on the lookout for great coffee shops where I can indulge my tastes in the caffeinated beverage. The next time I find myself in New York, I will call on this list from Trottermag to visit some of the city’s amazing cafes.
  • If I had an ounce of baking skills (or patience for that matter) I would bump this Chili & Tonka coffee and ganache macaron recipe to the top of my dessert repertoire. Scroll past the mouthwatering images and Polish text to find the English translation.
  • And if you haven’t had enough coffee images or recipes check out my Coffee Pinterest board for more inspiration!