Weekend Edition

Black squirrel among fall leavesThe last few days have brought some unprecedented sunshine and warmth to this end of October. Autumn is here and I’m not letting a change in season stop me. Like this little guy, I’m planning on getting out and enjoying the new colours. If you don’t have a chance to get away, here are some suggestions for your weekend enjoyment.

  • Christine Kim shares her perspective on fall…in Paris! I wouldn’t mind wandering the alleyways of Jardin des Tuileries and kicking my feet up in to soak in the sunshine.
  • I share something in common with the gorgeous Mimi Thorisson, a keen interest in mushroom picking (you can check out my post here). But you don’t need a haul of wild mushrooms to try her mouthwatering recipe.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker‘s unique sense of style is no secret to fashion lovers all over the world but here are 73 things you never knew about her (including a sneak peak into her home)!