Osgoode Hall

Osgoode Hall Toronto OntarioOsgoode Hall front gate Toronto OntarioOsgoode Hall gate detail Toronto OntarioOsgoode Hall lawn Toronto OntarioOsgoodeOsgoode Hall gate Toronto OntarioOsgoode Hall streetcar Toronto OntarioToronto’s Osgoode Hall, it’s history and present steeped in the legal affairs of Ontario, is a landmark steps from the hipster and uber-trendy Queen Street West. Yet when you slide through the ornate gate, the noise of the city melts away. The old and new fuse seamlessly. Whether an afternoon rendezvous, a moment with a good book, or a snooze in the sun, consider yourself lucky to snag one of the coveted benches…I did!

Weekend Edition

Candy Pink Roses London ONIt’s so easy to make me smile in the morning. Just give me sunshine and beautiful flowers. These are my gift to you this weekend…along with a few links which I hope you will enjoy.

  • If I had my wish, I’d be spending my weekend flying to Marseille and lunching right here. The view alone will make you hungry thanks to Aisling Greally!
  • As a die-hard chocoholic I’m always on the lookout for divine (and easy) chocolate recipes. These pot de creme from Green Kitchen Stories are definitely going on my list.
  • Lavender was one of the first things I planted in my balcony garden at the beginning of summer. Now, every time the wind blows, the scent transports me to Provence. But there are many other uses for lavender which Renee Reardin lists on her blog

The River Room

The River Room London ONThe River Room London Ontario Court House View The River Room London Ontario Seating The River Room London Ontario Table LandscapeThe River Room London ON Dessert Eton MessOne of my favourite restaurants in London Ontario has to be The River Room. Located in Museum London, it allows me to satisfy my appetite for art and for exquisite dining whenever I feel the need to be culturally inspired. The fresh and simple menu, the crisp black and white photographs along the walls, and the tailored style of the restaurant transport me to New York City. But the panoramic views are all about London. The Old Court House and the endlessly flowing fountain at the Forks of the Thames River are both iconic of this city. My only disappointment is that the restaurant is open for lunch and brunch exclusively. I would love to linger over a romantic dinner and a nice glass of wine, watching the sun set over the river. Nevertheless, the food and the atmosphere will have me coming back. Until next time!

Weekend Edition

Parisian Interior Decor BookThe last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind. But that’s okay. It’s what makes the start of a weekend so special. If you’ve had a crazy week and are staying home to catch your breath, here are a few interesting links that you may enjoy.

  • Garance Dore just returned from a week in Mykonos and she’s sharing her envy-inducing diary of the trip. It made me want to pack a bag and book a ticket to Greece as soon as I was done reading.
  • Summer time is perfect for outdoor dining. Whether it’s a backyard bbq or a picnic in the park, simple but stylish will always win points with me. The Every Girl site presents a guide to the essence of great alfresco dining.
  • I am a die hard animal lover (snakes and spiders excluded!), so I love when people get creative about supporting animal causes. See how french artist Paulo Grangeon uses 1600 pandas to help raise money for WWF on Nicole Warne‘s blog – The Gary Pepper Girl.