The Bag Lady

The Bag Lady London Ontario entrance and vanInterior restaurant and counter | The Bag Lady London OntarioCookie pedestals at The Bag Lady in London OntarioVintage object display in The Bag Lady | Restaurant in London OntarioGirl face mugs at The Bag Lady in London OntarioSeating area in The Bag LadyCutlery and napkins in The Bag Lady in London OntarioInterior of restaurant with patrons of The Bag Lady in London OntarioWhite wrought iron tables on the patio at The Bag Lady in LondonExterior building and patio at The Bag Lady Everyone says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I couldn’t agree more. I will wake up an hour early just to start the day off with a hot meal. I must admit that this does take a toll on my sleep (and who couldn’t use a little more shut eye!). Finding a place in my London neighbourhood that takes breakfast as seriously as I do, and is a super cute spot to meet with friends is amazing.

Stepping through the door of The Bag Lady I felt like Alice walking through the looking glass. The pastel technicolor and over-the-top retro design can be bit overwhelming, but the vibe is really easy going. The food feels homemade and will make you a breakfast addict, especially the mixed potato hash. Whether you decide to sit inside or outside, a visit to this delicious wonderland is a must.


  1. TL says

    I read with envy as you & Shane stumble on these little treasures. I love it. Time is not plentiful for me in the summer months so to have someone “scouting” and pointing them out is fabulous. Where is the Bag Lady located? Sample of the menu….not sure if I missed this. I can’t wait to check this out.

      • Monika Sammut says

        If there is a website, you’ll always find the link in yellow. Hope you enjoyed your coffee : )

    • Monika Sammut says

      Hi TL,

      thanks for reading! You know we love finding these things and the blog idea came from wanting to share with our friends. I’ve decided that this won’t be a review site since I’ll only post the things I truly enjoy. I hope you will too…I’m glad you found the link : )