Door Knockers of Malta and Gozo

Lion head knocker on red door, MaltaThere is one more thing I have to share with all of you from my trip to the magnificent islands of Malta and Gozo. At every turn, and down every street, beautiful knockers dot the doors of Maltese buildings like opulent jewels. Known as “Il-Habbata” many are intricate works of art in bronze and brass.

The sea-faring nature of the island is reflected in many of the motifs like dolphins, seahorses, and sirens. But you will also find faces, coats of arms, and animals. More importantly both the knocker and the colour of the door, some dating hundreds of years, represent the personality and taste of the home owner. And based on some of my examples, I would be more than happy to make their acquaintance.Brass hexagon door knocker, MaltaBronze angel knocker on wood door, MaltaCoat of arms knocker on red door, Mdina, MaltaPig head knocker on red door, Valletta, MaltaEagle knocker on pink door, MaltaLion head knocker on purple door, GozoAngel head bronze knocker on wood door with studs, Valletta, MaltaDetail of angel knocker on wood door, Valletta, MaltaBronze dolphins and Malta Cross knocker on wood door, MaltaBacchus face knocker on green door, GozoBrass Bacchus face knocker on cream door, GozoBrass Bacchus face door on brown door, GozoBronze creature face knocker on white door, GozoDolphin knockers on blue door, GozoBronze stylized dolphin on blue door, Valletta, MaltaBrass circle door knockers, MaltaStylized dolphin on purple door, Valletta, MaltaGirl Scout clover knocker on navy door, Valletta, MaltaBrass mythical creature knocker on wood door, MaltaBronze mythical creature knocker on wood door, MaltaThere are many more whimsical knockers and colourful doors than I could possibly include in this post. I encourage you to discover them yourself on a trip to to the mystical island of Malta.

Stepping into History

London Mechanics Institute - Heritage Building in London OntarioOne of the most attractive heritage building facades in London, Ontario  is only steps from my neighbourhood. The London Mechanics Institute was built in 1876 in what I’ve come to find out is the Second Empire architectural style. Although I’ve found myself rushing past this building on many occasions, it took one glance up from across the street to realize the immense presence of this historic structure along Dundas Street.

Features of Front Street

Front Street fountain Toronto OntarioFountain and seating area on Front Street in TorontoGooderham Building fire escape - Front Street in Toronto Ontario  Gooderham Building artGooderham Building on Front Street in TorontoToronto is like my second home. I had lived there for over a decade and spent many years exploring the nooks and crannies of this city and indulging in all it has to offer. You’ll find me back in my favourite Toronto haunts at least a few times a month (hence also in the pages of this blog).

Front Street, like many parts of downtown Toronto, is a mixture of heritage architecture and modern living. As apartments get smaller, it’s wonderful when you have a neighbourhood that allows you to enjoy your life outside of four walls…especially when the weather is warm.

Scrolls and Stones

Bud Gowan Antiques Store FrontBud Gowan Antiques Top HatAlthough the shop has now closed down, Bud Gowan Antiques was London Ontario’s magical place of curiosities curated by an even more extraordinary man. The intricate facade of the Clarence Street storefront calls out to those strolling by but, to me, the tiny hat is the cherry on top.