Weekend Edition

Porter Magazine and macaronsWeekends are made for catching up on magazines and indulging in treats (after you’ve finished with all the chores left over from the rest of the week!). After I’m done with some house cleaning and grocery shopping, I plan on taking some time for myself and tuning out the world. If you can find some time for yourself this weekend, here are a few links that you’ll enjoy!

  • New York Fashion Week wrapped up on September 11th. It’s always a picturesque whirlwind of celebrities and the very best of style. I love seeing what the designers have dreamed up for Spring 2015.
  • Although you’ll find me browsing through the London markets on most Saturday mornings, I wouldn’t mind going to the market with Marissa Cox in the tiny village of Gordes in Provence. What a perfect place to find something for a weekend brunch.
  • I don’t feel so bad saying goodbye to summer berries when pears like this are in my near future.

Oh, Monsieur!

Graf & Lantz Moustache Key ChainMy key chain recently broke sending keys scattering to every corner of my purse. Until that moment, I hadn’t realized that only a tiny screw held my life together. Not one to cry over spilled milk (bleh!), I took this as a sign to go shopping! And I’ve found the most amazing replacement from Graf & Lantz. I’m absolutely enthralled with this colour. I hope this one lasts much longer!


Weekend Edition

Purple flowers London, OntarioAs summer rolls on I’m taking the time to stop and smell the flowers.  Here are a few more stops I’ll be making this weekend. Hope you’ll enjoy them too!

  • Illustrator Jamie Lee Reardin combines two more of my favourite things – fashion and art in a quirky, colourful manner. I love her perspective!
  • Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. F*** it…going to New York (FIGTNY) is a photo blog that sums up the sentiment in minimalist style.
  • I try to live my life in balance and the newest aid in my arsenal is Joyous Health. The gorgeous Joy McCarthy is a glowing example of “practice what you preach” and her beautifully simple recipes make my tummy growl.