A Stroll Through Stratford Ontario

Ivy covered patioSummer is slowly sliding out of sight. The weather is cooling with every new day and prompts me to make good use of every scrap of sunshine that makes an appearance. So when the weekend arrived, the boy and I made plans for a little escape to a town named after the birthplace of the bard, Stratford. The town itself bares little resemblance to its counterpart in the England (although I have to say that at times the amount of tourists can be proportionate), you can still discover a European flare in its nooks and crannies.

Although the weather for our morning jaunt to Stratford, Ontario wasn’t promising, we made the forty minute drive outside of London. As we strolled the streets bundled in fall layers, the sun finally made an appearance and the afternoon was a truly relaxing escape.

Callan Books and GalleryAnitques in Time store    Queen Jubilee FountainStone bench by stone wallBalconies in the sunQueen Jubilee fountain lion headI made sure to make a beeline for the river to get a peak at the swans before they are officially lead to their quarters for the winter. Though fowl seemed to abound along the banks of the Avon river, I wasn’t able to catch a good sighting of the swans. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to make a date for next year’s Swan Parade.

Ducks by the river

Eco Pets

Moss covered pet sculpturesI found this adorable pair perched outside a little flower shop on Toronto’s Yonge street. If you’re an animal lover short on space, time, or money, I think these “pets” would be a perfect addition to your home. Not sure about the allergies, but your neighbours will love you.

Traces of summer at Eldon House

Eldon House garden London OntarioAlthough I’ve been inside Eldon House (London Ontario’s oldest residence) a number of times, I had never seen the gardens from this perspective. Playing with my newbie photographer skills, I caught this point of view and just knew it was a great photo. I’m not sure if I just got lucky or my technique is improving!!!

The Bag Lady

The Bag Lady London Ontario entrance and vanInterior restaurant and counter | The Bag Lady London OntarioCookie pedestals at The Bag Lady in London OntarioVintage object display in The Bag Lady | Restaurant in London OntarioGirl face mugs at The Bag Lady in London OntarioSeating area in The Bag LadyCutlery and napkins in The Bag Lady in London OntarioInterior of restaurant with patrons of The Bag Lady in London OntarioWhite wrought iron tables on the patio at The Bag Lady in LondonExterior building and patio at The Bag Lady Everyone says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I couldn’t agree more. I will wake up an hour early just to start the day off with a hot meal. I must admit that this does take a toll on my sleep (and who couldn’t use a little more shut eye!). Finding a place in my London neighbourhood that takes breakfast as seriously as I do, and is a super cute spot to meet with friends is amazing.

Stepping through the door of The Bag Lady I felt like Alice walking through the looking glass. The pastel technicolor and over-the-top retro design can be bit overwhelming, but the vibe is really easy going. The food feels homemade and will make you a breakfast addict, especially the mixed potato hash. Whether you decide to sit inside or outside, a visit to this delicious wonderland is a must.