Paper Perfect

Flowered Paper from The Paper Place in TorontoI was looking for creative inspiration this weekend. Something that would get my mind out of this grey slump. Something that made my eyes open in wonder and my mind spin. Something that made me smile. And I found it in spades! I stumbled upon The Paper Place, a beautiful little shop on Queen Street West in Toronto. They carry a rainbow of decorative and handmade Japanese paper, as well as a large selection of unique papers and products from around the world.

Paper display shelves at The Paper Place in TorontoPaper choices at The Paper Place on Queen St West in TorontoBeautiful craft paper at The Paper Place on Queen St West in TorontoDecorative tape at The Paper Place in Toronto The store is filled with ideas for handmade cards, wedding invitations, origami crafts, beautiful book binding supplies and gifts. The paper itself is stunning enough to be mounted and framed. In fact, I just had to have this fun bicycle print which I plan to transform into a Christmas gift for someone special.

Les Bicyclettes paper at The Paper Place in TorontoI guess paper is no longer just for wrapping gifts this Christmas season. At least not in my house!

Osgoode Hall

Osgoode Hall Toronto OntarioOsgoode Hall front gate Toronto OntarioOsgoode Hall gate detail Toronto OntarioOsgoode Hall lawn Toronto OntarioOsgoodeOsgoode Hall gate Toronto OntarioOsgoode Hall streetcar Toronto OntarioToronto’s Osgoode Hall, it’s history and present steeped in the legal affairs of Ontario, is a landmark steps from the hipster and uber-trendy Queen Street West. Yet when you slide through the ornate gate, the noise of the city melts away. The old and new fuse seamlessly. Whether an afternoon rendezvous, a moment with a good book, or a snooze in the sun, consider yourself lucky to snag one of the coveted benches…I did!