Enchanted Vilnius

20170530_135249 (2)Sometimes taking a leap of faith, or a road trip, to a place unknown can lead to the most beautiful surprises. When my cousin proposed a visit to Vilnius, Lithuania during my three week stay in Europe, I wasn’t immediately swept off my feet. I dreamt of Vienna, Prague or Stockholm. The small country  of Lithuania was never on my radar as a tourist destination. Images of many former eastern block nations danced in my head like a depressing film noir. What could I possibly see or enjoy in Lithuania for one day, let alone three! I was primed to be enchanted.

The six hour comfort bus ride from Bialystok (for which I paid $38 round trip!) to Vilnius was filled with naps and stork spotting, wifi and snacks. I barely realized how much time had passed when we pulled into Lithuania’s capital city. A city where almost 700 years of history mingles to highlight its past with the emerging bright future. Where any visitor with euros in their pocket and speaking nothing more than English can feel at ease. Where I was reminded of how much this city and country were a part of my own Polish heritage.

20170530_172032 (2)20170530_172538 (2)20170530_172715 (2)20170530_173036 (2)      20170530_172829 (2)20170530_172648 (2)20170530_173153 (2)20170530_173733 (2)20170530_175717 (2)     20170530_174822 (2)20170530_180004 (2)20170530_175651 (2)20170530_173529 (2)20170530_172507 (2)20170530_172205_HDR (2)20170530_182358 (2)20170530_182412 (2)20170530_183520 (2)20170531_184953 (2)     20170531_190636 (2)20170531_190625 (2)20170530_183447 (2)20170530_182533_HDR (2)20170530_182549_HDR (2)20170530_184359_HDR (2)20170530_184529 (2)20170530_185021 (2)20170530_184858 (2)20170530_185311 (2)     20170530_184840 (2)20170530_184915 (2)20170530_183912 (2)20170530_185535 (2)20170530_190200_HDR (2)    20170530_190119 (2)20170530_191730 (2)20170530_191615 (2)     20170530_191618 (2)20170530_204718 (2)20170530_194214 (2)20170530_195652 (2)      20170530_195346 (2)20170530_191802 (2)20170530_191953_HDR (2)    20170530_191914 (2)20170530_192417_HDR (2)     20170531_132520 (2)20170531_132323 (2)       20170530_182504 (2)20170531_182256 (2)20170531_135653_HDR (2)20170531_140949_HDR (2)20170531_140800 (2)       20170531_140810 (2)20170531_141457 (2)20170531_123012 (2)20170531_123152_HDR (2)As always it is near impossible to present in a few words and photos what a country or a city has to offer. There are so many beautiful places around the world that need to be seen with your own eyes. I’m still slowly checking off my extensive travel list, as each year I make a choice between seeing something new or returning to a place I have come to love.

Vilnius is definitely going on the “must return” list. I hope you will travel there yourself and become enchanted!



Eiffel Tower, Paris, FranceI hardly need an excuse to hop on a plane headed to Paris. When the opportunity arose to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe for a second time in less then a year, well…the photos tell the story. And boy were there ever many photos. It has taken me a while to sift through all the images (and to deal with my feelings of coming back to earth after the best vacation EVER!).

Having already done three other posts on Paris, which you can find here, here, and here, I have decided to share images that best represent my favourite aspects of this trip. And you will surely notice all the food shots liberally sprinkled throughout. The boy and I truly indulged in a range of gastronomic delights. Enjoy!

Rooftops, Paris, France      Place des Voges, Paris, FrancePlace des Voges, Paris, FranceChantilly cream and strawberries      Coffee, Merci, Paris, FrancePamela Popo Exterior, Paris, FranceGraffiti, Paris, France      Falafel, L'As de Falafel, Paris, FranceLe Sevigne restaurant, Paris, FranceTango dancing along the Seine, Paris, FranceCafe Louis Phillipe, Paris, FranceSky, Paris, France      Cafe Louis Phillipe, Paris, FranceStreet crowds, Paris, France   Sunbathing along the Seine, Paris, France      Street, Paris, FranceShelves at Maison Plisson, Paris, FranceDeli counter at Maison Plisson, Paris, FranceBuildings in St Paul, Paris, FranceStreet art, Paris, France      Installation, Place des Voges, Paris, FranceArt Installation, Place des Voges, Paris, FranceMacarons, Paris, FranceFrench pastries, Paris, France   Eiffel Tower, Paris, France      Boule players, Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris, FrancePony rides, Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris, FranceAu Beurre Sale creperie, Paris, FranceRestaurant patio, Paris, FranceCafe tables, Paris, France      Crepes for lunch, Paris, FranceCrowds at Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris, FranceEiffel Tower, Paris, France      Spectators, Jardin de Luxembour, Paris, FranceBoule players, Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris, FranceBee hives, Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris, FranceTuileries, Paris, France Conran Shop, Bon Marche, Paris, FranceThe Tuileries, Paris, FranceGarden, Petit Palais, Paris, France      Statue of a girl with a monkey, Petit Palais, Paris, FrancePalais Royal, Paris, FranceThe Tuileries, Paris, France      Duck confit with crisp potatoes, Cafe Hugo, Paris, FranceMaison Angelina, Paris, FranceCafe gourmand, Cafe Hugo, Paris, FrancePatio, Cafe Hugo, Paris, France      Cheeseburger and fries, Cafe Hugo, Paris, France  Cobblestones and Cappuccinos, Paris, FranceUntil next time Paris! À bientôt!


My 2015 Intentions

2015 resolutions on my desk by Cobblestones and CappuccinosI’m baaack! I’ve been having the most wonderful time over the holidays indulging in family, friends, and food. It’s been a whirl wind of twinkling lights, bubbly treats and sleeping in. And although we didn’t get a white Christmas in London, the boy and I have enjoyed the cold weather. We even managed to strap on skates for a spin on the rink at Victoria Park, rewarded by obligatory hot chocolate (bribes work well to get me out of my comfort zone).

But I can’t believe we’re already five days into 2015! The last few months have flown by as I’ve shared my life’s simple pleasures with you. So first of all, I want to thank you for stopping by my little blog and taking the time to chat with me and give me feedback on how I’m doing. I love knowing what you all think and enjoy reading about on the blog. And it’s been fun bringing the things I enjoy to you. Of course, the new year means more surprises, adventures and indulgences. I hope you stick around and share those with me over the coming days. In the meantime, my biggest concern is trying to remember that “5″ every time I write down the date. Ugh, this will take a few more weeks.

I don’t know about you but every year, as champagne bubbles hit my brain and the clock strikes midnight, my bleary brain attempts to make resolutions, which promptly get broken or forgotten as soon as the real world comes into focus. So in an attempt to break this unsuccessful habit, but not willing to give up on bettering myself, I’ve decided to come up with some intentions for 2015, rather than resolutions. Intentions seem more doable and more flexible than resolutions. And this year, instead of making them on January 1, I’ve taken the time to really think about what I want to accomplish this year. So without further ado, here are my 2015 Intentions (in no particular order).

1. Make a new dish that requires blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish. Okay, hopefully not all those. But I want to really make something I wouldn’t normally try. Something completely from scratch that takes hours to prepare and minutes to inhale.

2. Try one new thing each month. Whether it’s a food, an activity, or a destination. This seems like a doable thing, an intention which should further my horizon. Make me a better me – well on the way to becoming “The Most Interesting Woman in the World”!

3.Travel MORE! This one won’t be a surprise to anyone who knows me. But this year specifically I want to head to Malta. It’s been a destination the boy and I have discussed for the last three years and have yet to pin down. Hopefully, saying this out loud will commit me to accomplishing it in 2015. This is definitely an intention I’m looking forward to completing!

I will keep you all posted on my successes or failures, and I would love to hear what you have planned for 2015.

Weekend Edition

Snow capped roofs in London OntarioUgh…the weather outside is more than frightful (but at least I don’t live in Buffalo!) and it’s not even officially winter. I have to take the time to remind myself of the gorgeous and yummy things that I can indulge in when the world lies under a white blanket of snow. Maybe you’ll find something you’ll love as well. Enjoy!

  • With all that fluffy stuff coming down from the sky, all I can think about is a White Christmas. If a snow covered holiday is also on your wish list, Brooke Saward shares the best 10 cities for your dream Christmas.
  • Inevitably with snow comes the cold. There is probably nothing better than a steamy cup of hot chocolate after a day of outdoor fun. I’ve pinned an amazing infographic with 18 ways to spice up your cup to my Pinterest page. I may have to try all of them!
  • I can never have too many warm and cozy pieces in my winter wardrobe. This week’s EDIT magazine from online retailer Net-A-Porter has a list of the most beautiful seasonal pieces that I’m now officially drooling over.

Keep warm and happy reading!

Weekend Edition

NewsstandSome Saturday mornings are spent lingering over a long breakfast and the crossword, others beckon with sunshine filled adventures. I wonder what this one will bring? If you don’t feel like moving an inch this weekend (at least in the morning), why not have a peek at a few of these links. Enjoy!

  • After seeing Alice Gao‘s photos of Blue Hole Park, I have a feeling that I will be adding a Texas destination to my travel list.
  • There are many days when I wish I had a sweet treat to go along with my morning cappuccino. These delicious looking chocolate almond and orange cantucci by Kylie Flavell make me wish I was a better baker.
  • Learning languages should be fun, and what better way to do it than finding a new french word each day in your instagram. Bonne chance!